This Month in History – April


Shannon Zeltmann took the time to browse through historical events that occurred in the month of April. Here are some of the most interesting tidbits she discovered:

April 3, 1860- The Pony Express begins. It was created because there was a need for faster communication. These riders cover about 250 miles in 24 hour periods. However, two years later the pony express ends as telegraphs become common.

April 4, 1949- NATO, the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization, is created when twelve nations sign the treaty as a way to prevent the spread of Soviet Russia.

April 6, 1896- The first modern Olympics is held in Athens, Greece after 1500 years of the games being held.

April 9, 1865- The American Civil War ends when Robert E. Lee surrenders to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House.

April 12, 1945- President Franklin D. Roosevelt dies suddenly of a hemorrhage. He had served four terms as United States President and led America out of the Great Depression and through WWII.

April 14, 1865- President Abraham Lincoln is shot by John W. Booth while watching a play at Ford’s Theater; he dies the next day. He is the first United States President to be assassinated.

April 18, 1775- Paul Revere and several others famously have their midnight ride to Lexington and Concord to tell the militia that the British are coming.

April 26, 1994- The first multiracial elections are held in South Africa; Nelson Mandela becomes President.