Technology is something that has affected kids in many ways for years now. Yes, technology can help adolescents learn and communicate more, but it is also hindering social skills and learning in school is also affected. Kids who have cell phones in school are not learning as well in the classroom. They are so addicted to their technology that they don’t listen to their teachers. I believe that growing up with cell phones has negatively impacted  their ability to talk with the people around them, especially adults.

The situation with kids using their cell phones in school has become a lot worse in the last few years and it’s become a huge problem. The teachers will say they will take the phone away or to put the phone away, the kids either don’t listen or take it back out when the teacher’s back is turned. If they do take it from the student, it is returned later that day; the next day, the same thing happens. A student being on their phone impact if they are listening to the teacher. This has become a big problem,and it’s really up to the student to control himself or herself and put the phone away.    

Another problem with these phones, possibly a bigger problem, is the fact that kids are losing their sociability. Teens Are so used to talking over social media and texting that when it comes to face-to-face interaction, they don’t know what to say. In person, they don’t have 5 minutes to answer someone;they can’t ignore them and say “I didn’t see the message.” In school, kids are walking the  halls and texting their friends instead of talking to them. They are missing out on good conversations with other students. They are essentially missing out on making new friends and making plans for after-school.

Teens are even worse outside of school and while talking to adults. For example, if you go to a bonfire at someone’s house and there will be 15 kids there, sitting around the fire. All 15 of them (except for maybe one or two) will be on their phones snapchatting or texting each other. That bothers me so much and I’m sure it bothers others, too. What is the point of the bonfire now? What was the point of having everyone over to your house to all sit on your phones? Later in the night, if one of the parents will come up to the fire and see everyone on their phones, they will say “Why don’t you guys socialize a little?” All of the kids will just look at her and stare, and if she asks another question they won’t know how to respond. Kids don’t know how to have a proper conversation with an adult face-to-face because they have never been taught, and they’ve never had to do that before.

One last reason technology is bad for teenagersis thatkids frequently use their cell phones when driving. Texting or snapchatting, or even changing the song on your playlist, is all illegal. Teens think, “Oh, it will take two seconds to take this picture” or “I can answer this text really quick.” The answer to that is no! You should never touch your phone while driving. Did you know that texting while driving is the same amount of points on your license as drunk driving? It is considered to be just as dangerous by law enforcement.

I believe that cell phones and technology, while they have their uses, have a hugely negative impact on the lives of teenagers today.