Every year, students are inducted into the National Honor Society. This year was no exception with 36 juniors inducted by their senior peers. Although the initial requirement is to have a 90.0 weighted GPA, the students must have twenty hours of community service and be involved in at least three clubs and/or sports.

The ceremony this year is the third year that it has taken place at the RNHS-Brown-signing (3)iverhead High School auditorium. The seniors write speeches for the junior inductees, and each year, there is also an honorary teacher inducted. This teacher does not know they are being inducted into the society until they arrive at the ceremony. The students vote for who they believe should be the honorary teacher inductee; this year, it was Mrs. Brown.

The new NHS officers for the 2017-2018 school year were also announced at the ceremony. They are Juliette Lehman, President; Olivia Pizutto, Vice President; Josie Manucha, Secretary, and Olivia DickerNHS-New-Officers-front (3)son, Treasurer. The current officers inducted their successors by giving them a gift, which has been a tradition for the Riverhead National Honor Society. This year they made them superhero capes.

The members and advisors, Ms. Olsen and Ms. Pastor, are looking forward to the “Helping Hands” day in February, when students shadow staff at the school to raise money for an organization of the club’s choice.NHS-Current-Officers (3)

All of the students had a great time at the ceremony and the incoming students are excited to do great things with National Honor Society!

The 2016 National Honor Society Inductees:

  • Benjamin Allen  
  • Mayra Alvarado
  • Lauren Anasky
  • Lelaina Bendernagel
  • Rachel Borstein
  • Kimberlyn Brown Ligon
  • Madison Cohen
  • Carla Crump
  • Laura Curry
  • Olivia Dickerson
  • Catherine Farrell
  • Matthew Hanson
  • Amanda Jackson
  • Aidan Jordan
  • Evelyn Kennedy Jaffe
  • Matthew Kringle
  • Isaac Kulp
  • Juliette Lehman
  • Roxana Lopez
  • Jonah Luby
  • Josie Manucha
  • Mark Matyka
  • Keely McCabe
  • Benjamin Mearkle
  • John Meehan
  • Brianne Miller
  • Olivia Pizzuto
  • Anna Pozamantir
  • Izebela Radziwonski
  • Elvis Ramos Reyes
  • Sofia Sabalja-Reid
  • Christiana Santoro
  • Trinity Sivec
  • Lauren Schaefer
  • Robert Stahl
  • Nicole Tarasiuk