One of the hardest things to do as a student is to learn how to study. Studying is important even for the best of students. There are many ways to study and not all of the methods will work for each person or for each class; however, here is a basis to discover your own way to study.

Marking up notes

As you go over the material in class, teachers always seem to hint at what is the most important information, whether they repeat something several times or they say “it is important to know….” Use a different color pen to put a star by the most essential information. Then, underline other important facts. This will help you stay organized so that when you study your notes you can remember what the teacher told you. It is an easy way to study for classes, like history, in which you  have to take pages of notes.


Another way many people study is by making flashcards. This allow for quick recall of important facts, but creating them can take a lot of time. This method is good for classes in which you have to memorize terms, facts, or equations that you must quickly recall. They can help out a lot in some situations.

Online Quizzes and Videos

One of the best things about the age of technology is being able to look up quizzes, videos, and other tools for studying. A teacher who makes Youtube videos may explain a topic a bit differently then your teacher, which may help you understand the topic more. The internet is great to find these tools, but you must use credible sources to help you study or you will not get the most out of your study time. Use sites like Khan Academy or College Board to find questions on which to work. Just search the class and the topic that you are studying, for example, “AP European History, French Revolution Quiz” and you may find excellent resources. Also, if it is possible, print them out to write all over the page. This can work for almost every subject.


Study with Friends

Sometimes, it can be helpful to study with some friends because they can give you information that you may not already have or they may be able to explain things to you so you can understand them better. They may have a random way to memorize a fact that may help you out. Or you can all work together to figure out a problem instead of trying to do it individually. Come with questions and the materials when you want to study with friends so you can make the most of your time.


There are so many ways to study, so you have to try to find what works best for you. Maybe putting headphones in and listening to music may help you focus on studying, or maybe you need silence. Maybe you need to sit at a desk and have out no materials to distract you, while someone else may just like to study on their bed. You have to find what makes you better at studying and I hope some of these tips help you in the future.