No WISE guys here!


WISE has just completed their fall semester for the 2016-2016 program. WISE means “Women in Science and Engineering.” Involvement from Riverhead High School students is increasing. This year, there are three separate groups: one group of 10-11 graders who travel to Stony Brook University Main Campus, one group of 10th graders who travel to Stony Brook Southampton, and one group of 12th graders who travel to Stony Brook University Main Campus.

The students engage in different theoretical and hands-on learning experiences, including Occupation Therapy exposure, Particle Physics games and experiments, interaction with specialized equipment used in ongoing research, and Q&A seminars with doctorate students and professors. Also, students in 12th grade are beginning to research a topic of their choice in which they are applying knowledge of the scientific method, research ethics, writing standards, gathering and evaluating validity of sources, compiling data, and writing an abstract.

If you are interested in learning more about WISE, please see Ms. Bonfe in room 241 or Mrs. Evers in room 225.

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